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Tuesday, October 8

October 9, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  Today we started Lesson 2-5, Comparing Proportional Relationships.  Students took a few minutes to read and answer the Solve & Discuss It! on page 117 before turning and talking to a partner about their ideas.  After a few minutes the entire class went over the different ways to compare the data in the problem.  Next, we went over Example 1.  This time the data was represented in two different forms, a table and a line graph.  Students were shown how to take the data from these two representations and compare them.  There is no homework.

U.S. History:  We started class by watching a short video from History.com.  Then we read some text that supported the theory that the drinking water in Jamestown was contaminated, therefore causing many deaths.  We read the Content Notes from Document B.  Then we answered all of the Analysis questions.   Document B is due tonight.