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Friday, October 11

October 11, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  We started Lesson 2-6, Connecting Proportional Relationships and Slope.  Students took a few minutes to read and answer the Solve & Discuss It! on page 123 on their own.  Then students shared their thoughts and work with their table.  Finally, we went over the problem as a class.  Next, we read over Example 1.  It is already worked out for the students in their workbooks, but it required some explanation.  Then we watched the video for Example 1.  We finished our work on Lesson 2-6 with the Try It! on page 124.  Almost all of the students got the correct answer.  The homework is Fluency Practice for Topic 2.  I will put a copy of it and helpful hints on Google Classroom.

U.S. History:  Today we went over Document E from the Jamestown DBQ.  I showed students how the population of the Jamestown colony is listed as a running total.  Students needed to find the difference in the population from one date to another to answer a few of the analysis questions.  After a bit, we went over all of the answers to Document E which is due tonight!  We watched the BrainPop on Christopher Columbus, since Monday is a federal holiday in his honor.  Students are supposed to ask family and friends if they think that Columbus should still be honored with the holiday.