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Tuesday, October 15

October 15, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  We continued Lesson 2-6 (Connect Proportional Relationships and Slope) with Example 2 on page 125.  Students learned how to find the slope of a line using coordinates of 2 points on that line.  Students also learned that not all lines have a positive slope.  We moved to Example 3 which emphasized interpreting a slope.  In other words, what does the slope mean in the given situation.  When students worked on the Try It! at the bottom of page 125, they were given the coordinates of 2 points on the line.  Students did problems #4 and #5 on page 126 on their own.  When they got their answers checked for accuracy, they started the homework.  All of the notes for Lesson 2-6 will be uploaded to Google Classroom.  The homework is pages 127-128 (#8-12, and 14).

U.S. History:  Today's focus was Christopher Columbus.  Was he a hero or a villian?  Students got to see an image of the presidential proclamation by Lyndon B. Johnson that made Columbus Day a federal holiday.  It was actually part of the BrainPop lesson on Christopher Columbus.  We watched a short History.com video about who really discovered America.  We also perused a Newsela article about the lack of teaching about the Tainos, the indigenous people that Columbus encountered in the Caribbean. There is a new homework assignment, but it is not due until tomorrow night.  It is posted in Google Classroom.  The students are to read articles and watch videos about Christopher Columbus.  Then they need to fill a 2-Column note page with 3 facts that are for(pro) Columbus and 3 facts against(con) Columbus.  The last part of the assignment is to pick a position:  Should Columbus Day be a Federal Holiday?