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Friday, December 6

December 6, 2019

Pre-Algebra: 2nd hour turned in their homework for Lesson 4-2.  (7th hour turned it in yesterday.) . We started Lesson 4-3, Using Linear Models to Make Predictions. Students read the Solve & Discuss It!  Then we went over it and the Focus at the bottom of page 223.  We read over Example 1 and went through the steps.  Next, we watched the video for Example 1.  The students completed the Try It! at the bottom of page 224, then they put their workbooks away.  The rest of the class was spent working on a graph.  It is homework and is due on Monday.  Students only need to plot and connect the points.  They will have an opportunity to outline it and color it in later.  The reason for this activity is to provide a fun opportunity for the students to practice plotting points on the coordinate plane.  They still need practice on this skill.  

U.S. History:  We watched a video from Mr. Betts.  It was a Meme-Story about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  It was a good review for the students, and it was quite funny.  Students had the rest of the class period to work on their Lewis and Clark newscast.  The script is due tonight.