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Thursday, October 24

October 24, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  Today we finished Lesson 2-9:  Analyzing Linear Equations in the form y = mx + b.  We started with the Try-It! on the bottom of page 142.  We proceeded to go over Examples 2 and 3 on page 143.  By the time we got to the Try It! at the bottom of page 143, students were beginning to grasp the concept.  Most students were able to complete #4 and #5 on page 144 independently.  The homework is pages 145-146 (#7-10, 13, and 14).  It is due on Monday.  The Topic 2B Test is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30.  There will be a study guide distributed on Monday.  Students need to work on Math XLs in their spare time.  There will be a study session for the test Tuesday, October 29 after school.

U.S. History:  The due date for the Jamestown DBQ has been extended to tomorrow night.  Several students shared their concerns about getting their essay completed on time.  The Pilgrim and Puritan organizer is now due on Sunday night.  Students need to come to class Monday ready to share.