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Tuesday, October 29

October 29, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  Students were instructed to come to class with their study guide complete.  We went over every problem from the study guide for Lessons 2-5 through 2-9.  This allowed students to check their answers and ask questions.  The Topic 2B Test is tomorrow.  Students need to come to class prepared to start immediately after the bell.  Students need a pencil.  I will provide calculators.  In order to be completely prepared for the test, students need to do the Math XLs for all of the lessons that will be covered on the test.

U.S. History:  Today we went back and finished the Read and Review section of the Flocabulary video, "Early American Settlements".  Students were picked to read and answer comprehension questions based on the video.  There is a new assignment posted on Google Classroom, but it is not due until tomorrow night.  Tomorrow we will talk about the formation of the Thirteen Original Colonies.