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Thursday, November 7

November 7, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  Lesson 3-2 was due today.  Before students turned it in, they did problems #11 and 12.  We went over those problems, then students turned in their homework.  We started Lesson 3-3, Comparing Linear and Nonlinear Functions.  Students did the Solve & Discuss It! on their own then turned to talk about it with a partner.  Then, as a class, we went over possible representations of a solution.  Next, we read and discussed Example 1 before watching the video.  We ended class with the Try It! at the bottom of page 172.  We will start tomorrow's lesson with Example 2 at the top of page 173.  There is no homework today.  

U.S. History:  Today we watched a Flocabulary on the 13 Colonies that emphasized the 3 colonial regions:  New England, Middle, and Southern.  We also took the quiz, read the vocabulary cards, and did the read and respond.  Students have a better understanding of each region's economy and resources.  The guidelines for the Colony One-Pager are now on Google Classroom.  Students can begin working on their documents.  There is no homework today.