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Friday, November 8

November 8, 2019

Pre-Algebra:  We started today's lesson with Example 2.  Students learned how to determine if a funcion is linear or nonlinear without a graph.  Example 3 was how to compare linear functions.  The Try It! at the bottom of page 173 turned out to be challenging.  Students did #4 and 5 on page 174 on their own, then we went over them.  The homework is pages 175-176 (#6-11, 15, and 16).  It is due on Tuesday, since there is no school on Monday. There will be a quiz on Wednesday, November 13.

U.S. History:  Students continued working on the Colony One-Pager.  It is now due on Tuesday.  I made up a mock one-pager for an example and put it on Google Classroom.  The students seemed to have a better understanding of what their product should look like.  We ended class with a directive.  All students are supposed to ask their families who has served in the military.  I want students to share stories, pictures, medals, and honors in the coming weeks.  I know there are plenty to share.  This will really help students understand how important our military is and how important service is to our country and freedom.