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Friday, November 15

November 15, 2019
The United States before 1763

Pre-Algebra:  Students were supposed to come to class prepared by already looking over pages 183-184.  We did take time to go through the Explore It! problem on page 183 and Example 1 on page 184.  We did the Try It! on page 184 together.  Example 2 took some time and required more work space than provided.  The Try It!  that followed Example 2 was also difficult.  Example 3 and the following Try It! was pretty simple.  We ended the hour on page 186.  Students are encourage to try #4, 5, and 6 before class on Monday.  

U.S. History:  Students were given time in class to read and annotate a Newsela article about the relationship between French fur traders and Native Americans.  Monday we will begin to discuss the French and Indian War.  The article is due tonight.