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Thursday, November 21

November 21, 2019

Pre-Algebra: We started class by doing a few problems from Lessons 3-3 and 3-4.  These are a review, since the Topic 3 Test is soon approaching.  We then graded the homework from Lesson 3-5.  The students did an excellent job on this assignment.  We proceeded to start Lesson 3-6, Sketch Functions from Verbal Descriptions.  We did the Explain It! on page 195.  We read Example 1 then watched the video.  We ended class with the Try It! for Example 1 at the bottom of page 196.  There is no homework.  Students need to take advantage of this time by doing the Math XLs or the extra credit graphs.  

U.S. History: We started class with a few short videos about the French and Indian War.  The questons that go along with the article, "French Relationships with Native Americans" are due tonight.  We went over all of the answers today in class.  We then watched a video by Mr. Betts.  He does parodies of popular songs.  He writes new lyrics about historical topics.  The students really enjoy his songs.  5th hour took a BrainPop quiz with the remaining class time.  6th hour worked on their homework.