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Monday, November 25

November 25, 2019
Map of the Louisiana Purchase

Pre-Algebra:  We started the class period grading the homework from Lesson 3-6.  The score was recorded immediately afterward, so that students did not have to turn in their papers.  Some students may want to look over their homework for tomorrow's test.  We spent the rest of the class period going over the Review for Topic 3.  Students had an opportunity to ask questions over the review or any of the lessons from Topic 3.  The review is posted on Google Classroom.  The Topic 3 Test is tomorrow.  Students will be allowed to use a calculator and their study guide.  All students should complete the Math XLs before tomorrow's test.  

U.S. History:  Students were introduced to Freedom Flix and True Flix.  Both websites are link to my homepage.  These sites provide short stories from history as well as enrichment activities and ideas.  These websites can read to the students as they follow along.  We discovered that there was more to the Louisiana Purchase than we originally thought.  The students were assigned a Newsela article to read and annotate.  The article is due tomorrow night.