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Tuesday, December 3

December 2, 2019
Illinois becomes a state

Pre-Algebra:  Today we covered Lesson 4-1, Construct and Interpret Scatter Plots.  Students learned how to determine if the points have a positive association, a negative association, or no association.  They also learned how to determine the scales for the x-and y-axis based on the data.  The homework is pages 215-216 (#6-8, 10, and 11).

U.S. History:  Today we watch the Flocabulary video for Sacagawea.  The students loved it! We took the quiz, went over the vocabulary cards, and even played the vocabulary game.  A student in 5th hour happened to have a commemorative Sacagawea coin in his pocket.  I introduced a short project on the Lewis and Clark Expedition that we will start tomorrow.  There is no homework.