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Responding to my Blog

If you're looking for a comment box to answer my blog you need to log in to the district webpage.  The login button is on the top right of the website.  The username is the beginning of your school issued email address (everything before the @ symbol).  The password is the first three letters of your birth month andy our six digit lunch pin.  If you have trouble logging in you're always welcome to email me or text me.  Both of these are listed in the teal box below.

Turning in your artwork!

Hello, kiddos!  There are two ways you can turn in your assignment to me if you choose to do a creative piece of artwork.  My email address is sbentsen@sps186.org or my Google Voice phone number is (262) 842-5629.  When sending me the picture of your artwork please include your name and class code.

K-5 Create! and Blog Week of May 18

Blog May 16 Surrealist artists make art about dreams and thoughts we don’t even know we are thinking.  Often times surrealist artists draw or paint objects that do not logically belong together or doing things they do not do in real life.

K-5 Origami Blog

Blog May 13 Hi, Guys!  I hope you enjoyed the paper airplane videos!  Paper folding is an amazing form of art!  The...

Create! Lessons for the Week of May 11

Videos May 11 Hi, Guys!  How are you?  I hope you're well!  I miss seeing you in my classroom and making art with you.  This week we have a guest artist who is going to teach you how to f

K-5 Cartooning Blog

Blog May 6 Hi, Kiddos!  Can you believe it’s May?  I am ready for some nice weather....

Create! Lessons for the Week of May 4

Videos May 4 Hello!  Can you believe it's May!  I feel like it's been forever since I've been able to see you!  Here are videos that show you some artwork you can do this week for an

K-5 Pop Up Blog

Blog Apr 29 Hello!  I miss you guys!  This week our older artists talked about and made some pop up art!  The artist...

Create! Lessons for the Week of April 27

Videos Apr 27 Hi, Kiddos!  I miss you!  I hope you are all well and learning and growing in this time.  Usually when we come back to school in the fall I'm amazed at how much all of you grow a

K-5 Weaving Blog

Blog Apr 22 Hello, Artists!  As you can see all of us will be looking at and commenting on the same blog this week....

Create! Lessons for the week of April 20

Videos Apr 20 Hello!  I'm excited to hear from you this week.  If you do not have the materials for this project or you would rather respond to a blog post for credit in art this week that will be

K-2 Texture Rubbing Blog

Blog Apr 15 Hello, Artists! This week on our Monday video we talked about texture rubbings!  There is a famous artist named Max Ernst that makes drawings with texture rubbings like we did this week!  Here is an example of his artwork.

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