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Wayne Thiebaud

This artist is most famous for painting beautiful, decadent, delicious looking food!  This week you're supposed to be drawing food, right?  I hope you'll read some of this article and look at his work for inspiration.  I know during quarantine it is not likely we'll have food like this in our home, I wish we did at the Glovinsky house!  It's a longer article than I've posted before but read some about him, look at his artwork, and draw some food for yourselves!


Wayne Thiebaud, Famed for the Art of Sweets, Has Portrayed Far ...

Vera Shimunia

This is an article that shows artwork made by a woman who calls her art thread painting!  She is from Russia.  I mostly attached the article so you can see a variety of her artwork!  The second link is to her Instagram page.  Make sure you have your grown up's permission to be on the internet!



Image result for thread painter shimunia

Grandma Moses

Here is a link to a short article about an artist named Grandma Moses!  Read it alone, with a brother or sister, or your grown up.  Let me know what you think of her artwork!


Image result for grandma moses

This image is from the Smithsonian Institute