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K-5 Create! and Blog Week of May 18

May 16, 2020 Surrealist artists make art about dreams and thoughts we don’t even know we are thinking.  Often times surrealist artists draw or paint objects that do not logically belong together or doing things they do not do in real life. https://mymodernmet.com/the-persistence-of-memory-salvador-dali/ Surrealist artist Salvador Dali painted about melting clocks in his painting The Persistence of Memory. READ MORE

K-5 Origami Blog

May 13, 2020 Hi, Guys!  I hope you enjoyed the paper airplane videos!  Paper folding is an amazing form of art!  The artist we’re talking about this week created the sculptures below and is named Sipho Mabona.  He started designing his own folded paper airplanes when he was five years old.  During some of the elephant’s folds it took ten people to fold it correctly. READ MORE

K-5 Cartooning Blog

May 6, 2020 Hi, Kiddos!  Can you believe it’s May?  I am ready for some nice weather.  I’m excited about the artists we’re going to talk about this week.  They are twin brothers from Bangladesh, a country in Southeast Asia.  Southeast Asia is across the world from Springfield!  Their names are Manik and Ratan.  One of the things that I like the most about their artwork is that they draw characters that interact with regular, real life materials. READ MORE

K-5 Pop Up Blog

Apr 29, 2020 Hello!  I miss you guys!  This week our older artists talked about and made some pop up art!  The artist’s work we’re going to look at this week is a pop up artist.  His name is Matthew Reinhart.  His work amazes me because I think they show his ability to think like a mathematician, a scientist, and an artist!          They are all folded paper. READ MORE

K-5 Weaving Blog

Apr 22, 2020 Hello, Artists!  As you can see all of us will be looking at and commenting on the same blog this week.  I chose this artist because our K-2 artists learned about weaving this week.  The weaving artist we will look at this week is named Mimi Jung.  She works out of Los Angeles, California.  I included a picture of Mimi with her artwork so you can see the size of some of her art installations. READ MORE

K-2 Texture Rubbing Blog

Apr 15, 2020 Hello, Artists! This week on our Monday video we talked about texture rubbings!  There is a famous artist named Max Ernst that makes drawings with texture rubbings like we did this week!  Here is an example of his artwork. Do you see the bird’s face hidden in the tree?  What do you think of his artwork?  Let me know in a blog comment below!  I will count a response the same as if you turn in artwork this week. READ MORE

3-5 Slotted Sculpture Blog

Apr 15, 2020 Hello, Artists! I’m hoping to hear from you on our blog this week!  I miss your faces, your art, and your ideas!  In our older grades this week we are talking about slotted sculpture.  A famous artist that creates slotted sculpture is named Joel S. Allen.  Here are two pictures of his artwork.          His artwork is very mathematical. READ MORE

Happy Friday!

Apr 3, 2020 Hello! You guys!  I'm missing you so much!  I hope we're able to come back to school in May!  I'm hoping you enjoyed making a tiny sketchbooks!  I'm looking for more awesome things we can do together after break!  Over break I want you to be looking for signs of spring!  Being an artist is about looking, observing, and seeing the details!  Let's enjoy our break and look for the signs that winter is over and spring is coming! Mrs READ MORE

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