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K-2 Texture Rubbing Blog

April 15, 2020

Hello, Artists!

This week on our Monday video we talked about texture rubbings!  There is a famous artist named Max Ernst that makes drawings with texture rubbings like we did this week!  Here is an example of his artwork.

U ARTS: Max Ernst

Do you see the bird’s face hidden in the tree?  What do you think of his artwork?  Let me know in a blog comment below!  I will count a response the same as if you turn in artwork this week.  You could also do both the creative part of this week’s assignment that I posted on Monday and respond to this blog.

Using the comment box below tell me what you think about this artwork!  You may want to start your sentences with one or two of these ideas.

In this piece I can see…

The part I find the most interesting is…

This artwork makes me feel…


I miss you all of you wonderful artists!  I hope to hear from you soon!

Mrs. Glovinsky


This artwork is from universityofthearts.blogspot.com