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Artists Moving Forward with eLearning

Hello, Wonderful Artists and Parents,
As we continue with eLearning after Spring Break we will be changing the format of how art will be set up.  The information I posted as weekly assignments before Spring Break are in bright boxes on the left side of my website.  Moving forward I will be posting four assignments a week that will appear in the center of my webpage.  I think about it using this chart:

Posted by Tuesday Posted by Thursday
K-2 Creative Lesson K-2 Respond to Art Blog
3-5 Creative Lesson 3-5 Respond to Art Blog

Choose one lesson to complete by Friday of each week.  You will turn it in by emailing me a picture of your work or texting a picture to my Google Voice number.  Please include your name and class code (4P for Mr. Pitts' class or 1B for Mrs Burke's class).  Both of these are posted in a light blue box on the right side of my webpage.  If you choose to respond to the blog post instead of creating art you don't need to email or text me but please include your name and class code.

If you have a brother or sister that is also in my class you can both do the same lesson but you need to each make your own piece of artwork.

I can't wait to keep making art with all of you!  We're going to do our best and have a great end to the school year!

I miss you, Mrs Glovinsky