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Addams Elementary School

10 Babiak Lane
Springfield, IL 62702
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Our Daily Schedule

10:00 a.m. Zoom (Monday through Thursday)

M: Reading Lesson, Math Lesson, Science/SocialStudies Lesson, P.E.

T: Reading and Math Practice, Writing Lesson, P.E., Music

W: Reading Lesson, Math Lesson, P.E. 

TH: Reading, Math and Writing Practice, P.E., Art

F: "Catch Up" Day - Finish any Math, Reading, or Writing assignments from this week.


Free digital library with thousands of books for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Username: myon

Password: read

enVision Math 2.0

username: your lunch #

password: p12345

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Unite for Literacy

Read and listen to books here.

Video - How to Login to Canvas

Info Aug 28 Please watch the video to learn how to login to Canvas. Do this today and set up your Canvas app on your iPad. On Monday, August 31st, you will open the Canvas app on your iPad and watch the

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