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ARIRM Tool-kit for families--Autism Focused Intervention Resources & Module

Supporting Adults with Autism through uncertain times resources for students and families. There are many many resources included in this article-so pick and choose what can help you!

Only 4 weeks of school left this year-let's make the most of it!


Sending a huge THANK YOU to all my SLP coworkers and friends...

I have so many wonderful SLP friends who have shared many many resources with me, as we all are updating webpages and looking for more online resources and material to share with are students/families. Thank you to all-especially Nichole from Lanphier and all my Middle and High School SLP buddies...as we practicced Zooming recently (Lori, Ashley, Lindsey and Bethanne!) and Stacey and Deb and everyone for your encouraging words!  So glad I have such wonderful colleagues to work with:)

Update for this school year...

During this time off school, here are some activiy ides you can do if you choose:

look up college/career information (like entrance requirements, scholarship opportunites, etc), read for fun, have some fun/interesting conversations with your family (ask questions about anything they remember about school/job, where they grew up, ask about their dream vacation, or maybe share ideas for places you would like to go).  Play some games, and spend some quality time together. Take care and be safe. I can be reached by email:   sclark@sps186.org 

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PRAGMATIC LANGUAGE at home activities

Resources Mar 28 Model Me Going Places 2- free social stories app

EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE at home activities...

Resources Mar 28 Communicating with each other (including Facetime and other means also) about shows-even discussing feelings and current events can be helpful, playing games, commenting on feelings of characters i

RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE at home activities

Resources Mar 23 Readworks.org, Newsela.com, Vocabulary.com, Scholastic.com/learnathome, Khanacademy.org Cloze Technique activities, incorporating music; SLP in the Middle: 

ARTICULATION at home activities

Resources Mar 23 Home-Speech-Home - specific sounds in words, sentences, and paragraphs- 

FLUENCY at home practice

Resources Mar 19 The Stuttering Foundation: www.stutteringhelp.org The Stuttering Home Page:   www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster2/welcome.htm The Stuttering Home Page is dedicated to providin

IATP or Illinois Assistive Technology Program

Resources Jan 28 iatp@iltech.org | 1020 S Spring St | Springfield, IL 62704

TAP or The Autism Program

Resources Jan 28 Noll Medical Pavilion 5220 S. 6th Street Rd., ste 1700 Springfield IL 62703 (217) 525-8332

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