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Reading and Word-Attack Strategies

Resources Aug 19 About making predictions, visualizations, summarizing, word-attack strategies, and more.

Spelling City

Resources Aug 19 Students can enter spelling words and play games to practice.

Storybooks Online

Resources Aug 19 Illustrated online storybooks for children.

Kids Reads

Resources Aug 19 Find information about your favorite books and authors, and read reviews of the new books.

Reading Comprehension

Resources Aug 19 Read the story and take a quiz to see how well you understand what you read.


Resources Aug 19 Animated books for students to read, practice fluency and check comprehension.

Fun Brain

Resources Aug 19 Play games and read books online in the Reading section.


Resources Aug 19 Online reading activities, including phonics, sight words, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Into the Book

Resources Aug 19 A reading comprehension resource for K-4 students.


Resources Aug 19 Fun literacy games for K-3 students.

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