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Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning is so important.  Here are some fun ways to talk about emotions!


Going On A Bear Hunt - Cosmic Kids Yoga


download At Home Learning 4/20-4/24

Please send me pictures of your child doing their at home activities!  I look forward to seeing everyone!

download At Home Learning 4/13-4/17

I hope you can choose an activity per day to do with your chiid!!  Please email or message me with any questions or concerns!!

Happy Spring Break!

We are taking a week off posting activities!  Starting Monday April 13 we will be sending out weekly plans pul together by our teaching team.  These activities will contain activities from Mrs. N (speech/language therapist) and Mrs. Kieffer (early childhood resource).  Our goal is to provide fun learning activities that you can easily execute at home.  These are age appropriate activities that will cover the different learning domains such as math, literacy and fine motor...to name a few.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I am available Monday-Friday by email or Remind.  I check my email and messages often.

Greet from 6 feet!!

Jack Hartmann video!


Check out this learning website!!


Rainbow Activities 3/30-4/3

A Rainbow of My Own read aloud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWn7HAxc9p8&t=22s

Learn the colors of the rainbow with this silly Jack Hartman! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsD3yuCRnjw

Skittle Science! https://www.fantasticfunandlearning.com/skittles-rainbow-science.html

Walking Rainbow! https://www.steamsational.com/rainbow-walking-water-science

Rainbow painting with cars! https://www.123homeschool4me.com/rainbow-painting-with-cars-kids_62/

Rainbow art with a rolling pin!!! https://preschoolinspirations.com/rainbow-rolling-pin-art/

Paper plate rainbow!  great fine motor activitiy.  you can use paper, tissue paper, material scraps to cut/tear.  Can also use a paper plate and markers to create a rainbow! Or use fruit loops and glue!  https://www.theresourcefulmama.com/paper-plate-rainbow-craft/

Rainbow math! you can easily create this graph at home.  Use skittles, fruit loops, legos, gummy bears or whatever color items you have to graph/sort and count.http://thoughtfulspotdaycare.blogspot.com/2010/02/fruit-loop-graphing-i-used-these.html?m=1

Don't forget to practice naming the letters in your child's name.  Create that name puzzle and do that short easy activity everyday!!

Also practice counting everyday and really working on getting the teen numbers in there....13,14,15 are the hardest!!!



Letter Match

Use a muffin tin and liners.  Write a letter on the inside of the liners.  Use magnetic letters, rocks with letters written on them, paper letters, beans with letters written on them and match!!  Be as creative as you like!!

Salt Tray Learning

Fill shallow dish with a layer of salt.  Write the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper.  Have the children use their finger to "write" the letters in the salt.  Can also use shapes and numbers.

Paper Plate Alphabet Memory

Easy fun game that you can make at home!  This will make learning letters fun!  you can use all upper case letters or have the upper and the lower case match.

Name Puzzles

This can be easily made at home by writing your child's name and cutting it apart.  Have them tell you the letters as they put their name together.  Can do the same with the last name as well.

New Alphabet Activities Posted

checkout my classroom pinterest page for actvities you can do at home.


matching numbers to sets!! you can do this with many toys you have at home!!

March 24, 2020   1 photo
Little Monkey Calms Down

We have read this story many times this year.  We remind kiddos that it's okay to be upset, however, there are ways to calm down.   Take deep breaths by "blowing bubbles", "smelling a flower", or taking a "rainbow" breath.  These are things we practice in our classroom.


Go Noodle fun!

These songs will get your kiddos up moving!! Parents you will want to dance along too!!




No David!

The kiddos could listen to this story everyday!! A class favorite for sure!


Pete The Cat....Class favorite!!


Room 171 Pinterest Board

I will be adding age appropriate activities on to this board if you're looking for fun at home activities.  The printables are free if you have access to a printer.



The Napping House

The was the story we chose as our 5 Day read aloud.  We introduced the book to the children 1 time before the school closing.  Here a couple different videos of the story your child will enjoy!





In room 171 we were learning about weather which was leading to "Rainbows".  Here is a link to some Rainbow activities.


Sing and Dance with Jack Hartmann! One of our favorites


Free Ranger Rick articles!!!


Home Based Learning from District 186