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About SHS D&D Club

D&D Club is a group for fans and players of the classic role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.  Once a week, members will meet in the SHS Library to roll dice and fight the forces of evil, all while building social skills and forging friendships.

Our group is all-inclusive, and anyone is welcome to sign up and play.  Members are required to be respectful to everyone in the group, use polite language, and exhibit basic manners during meetings.  Members who do not follow these basic rules of conduct will be asked to leave the session, and if repeated, will have their membership in the club revoked.

In order to play, members will need to bring a pencil, paper, and at least one standard set of seven gaming dice (more are encouraged).  Members are not required to purchase a player’s handbook, but may do so if they choose.  We play using only official D&D fifth edition materials and rules.

The group is sponsored by Mr. Havener, and any questions about D&D Club can be directed to him at mhavener@sps186.org, by phone at 525–3100, or in person.