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This gallery includes a photo of the November book display, as well as a photo of some librarians at the 2017 ISLMA Conference.

Feed Your Brain: November Book Display

Nov 9, 2017 Come check out the banquet of new books available on the November book display cart.  The theme is "Feed Your Mind", and these shiny new books will help you do just that.
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This is a picture of an extremely unscary horror-genre book display, complete with cheesy fake spiderwebs and a what appears to be a crudely made ghost out from a stack of white books.  The only thing scary here is the design sense of the librarian.

Oh The Horror: October Book Display

Oct 3, 2017 The SHS Library has set up a horror genre book display just in time for the start of the Halloween season! Students looking for a good scare (or just a good book) are encouraged to stop by soon!
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This photo gallery includes pictures of the 2017 Banned Books Week display in the SHS library, which included information about the event and several copies of books that have been on the banned books list over the years.  In addition, it includes several "mugshots" of students and staff who were "caught reading banned books".

2017 Banned Books Week

Sep 29, 2017 SHS students and staff celebrated their right to read in the library during Banned Books Week, which runs from September 24-30 this year.  Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read.
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