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2011 Final Exams Semester 1

Dec 14, 2011 The final exam schedule is as follows: Friday, Dec. 16: Periods 2, 6, 7 Monday, Dec. 19: Periods 3, 5 Tuesday, Dec. 20: Periods 1, 4 Most teachers give out study guides. Make sure you complete these study guides and take them with you to all your finals to study from if you complete a final early!!! Good luck!

Quarter 3

Feb 27, 2011 All levels of freshman English are working on the play Romeo & Juliet. We are coming to a close, and so is the quarter. Remember that students need to pass a minimum of TWO of the following in order to receive a semester credit for English: Quarter 3, Quarter 4, Semester Final Exam. Students who fail Quarter 3 must pass both Quarter 4 and the Semester Final Exam in order to earn credit. Time to study hard, do your work, and finish strong, Freshmen!!

Freshman Semester Grades

Oct 23, 2010 Semester grades are calculated using a very simple formula: Quarter 1 + Quarter 2 + Semester Exam = Final Semester Grade. Both Quarter 1 and 2 account for 80% (40% each) of the Final Semester Grade, and the Semester Exam is worth 20%. If a student fails both quarters OR fails one quarter and the semester exam, s/he will NOT pass the course for the semester. READ MORE

Literature Books ONLINE

Sep 8, 2010 www.glencoe.com/ose Passcode: A351078A9B Use the information above to access your book online! Some online features include highlighting and oral reading to students. Check it out!

Welcome Back!

Sep 8, 2010 I'm looking forward to a great year! In order to be successful, students must be organized. Each student is required to have a three-ring binder for my class. This binder will be used every single day in class for all assignments and homework.

SSR (Sustained Silent Reading)

Aug 30, 2009 Parents and Guardians- This year, Southeast High School has implemented a new SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) Program at the freshman English level. Students who are enrolled in Ms. Jeczalik's English 134 and 135 classes will be participating in the pilot program. Students will be encouraged to choose a book of interest from a wide variety of titles in the classroom library. These students will check the books out from the classroom library and be allowed to take them home to read. READ MORE

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