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Join one hour of code using your student gmail account.


Scratch is a free platform for students to program interactive stories, games, and animations. All you need is a laptop and creativity.

App Inventor

This platform allows students to create their own Apps in less than an hour. To use, you’ll need two devices: a Web browser on computer, as well as an Android device. Both must be able to access the same wireless Internet network.

STEM Games

Lemelson Center’s collection of ‘Do Try This at Home!’ activities, through which students develop their innovation and creativity.

Ed Heads!

Virtual STEM and Science Games

Cool Science Careers

Middle and high school students experience what it is like to be a scientist through interactive activities and games. "Imagine Yourself" lets students virtually conduct activities from a field. Includes education requirements and interviews with scientists.

CSI: Web Adventures

Allows students to solve a CSI case at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, using knowledge of forensic science. Contains an educator's guide and a family guide, as well as links to online activities (e.g. handwriting analysis, detective abilities). Has a section on cool science careers.

Girls in Science

Students can read profiles of women in science, watch videos of women scientists on the job, take a career personality quip, compare career requirements in STEM fields, connect with other young women interested in STEM and find out about STEM-related contests and camps.

STEM (U of Min. Education Dept.)

Interactive website with featured careers, resources and fun activities to help explore STEM education and careers.

The FunWorks

Explore Careers related to STEM

iON Future

Explore STEM Career Options

Wolfram Alpha

Search Engine that gives you access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics.

KidRex Search Engine

Search for Photos and Information

Olympic and Railroad Discussion

Robot Presentation Links

Engineering Flyer Links