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First Day of School

Sep 27, 2016 Students got their picture taken on the first day of school. We are all heroes in one or another.
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Fifth grade goes to the Illinois State Military Museum!

Dec 2, 2015 We learned about American wars from historians and war buffs. We had a blast
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States of Matter

Dec 2, 2015 Liquids, solids, and gas are the three states of matter. The students created a model showing how the molecules interact in each state. The final projects are displayed outside our classroom in the hallway. Come in and see!
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Teach Reuse Project

Dec 2, 2015 The class learned from SouthEast High School students about reusing products to help our environment. Here, the students are creating a paper mold out of recycled materials.
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Sep 21, 2015 It's the first full month of the school year!
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Nursing students! 9/9/15

Sep 21, 2015 We were honored to have two nursing students from St. John's Nursing school visit our classroom. They taught us important facts about the cold and the flu. Thank you Ms. Kacie and Ms. Erin!
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First 'Paw Party'

Sep 20, 2015 Students earned their first round of 25 class compliments. They received a party Thursday afternoon. Fifth grade, keep up the good work!
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