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Golden Circle

I am a special education teacher who has the opportunity to teach children with awesome and unique abilities. I love to see students learn and grow - to see them feel a sense of accomplishment. I achieve this through reflection of students’ needs and goals. I not only serve my students, but also their families along with the school community. As a team we support our students so that they can be successful members within the community and gain the skills to be independent members of society. 

Virtual Classroom

Blog May 11 Dear Families, Please continue to check in daily on Google classroom. I am posting new activities and stories that relate to our May unit for ULS. 

Google Classroom

Blog May 1 Dear Families, Please check your emails for student links to Google classroom! There are several activities to investigate along with science experiements and virtual field trips! Let me know your thoughts. Have a great weekend!

Remote Learning

Blog Apr 24 Dear Families, As we continue our remote learning I will be posting lessons and activities on Google Classroom. Please check your email for directions on how to set up your child's classroom. Please send me an email sprabhu@sps

Number Books

Blog Apr 20 Attached are number books from one to ten. The simple repetitive phrases provides information about numbers with supportive pictures and the use of the high-frequency words.

Clarence Works for Money - Comprehension

Blog Apr 20 Attached are comprehension questions to our two stories from ULS about earning money.

The Money Song

Blog Apr 14 Here is a link to a fun song by Jack Hartmann about money! https://youtu.be/pnXJGNo08v0 


Blog Apr 14 Attached is a math sheet from our ULS April unit. Practice counting the number of object to determine how many. 

Additional Stories

Blog Apr 14 Here are some links to additional stories you can read with your child!

Work to Earn Money

Blog Apr 14 Attached are the vocabulary words for our April ULS unit Earning Money.

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