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This section of my webpage serves as a collection of resources useful for parents and families seeking information about Special Education. When Special Education services are suggested, or even if only a suspicion exists, the experience can be overwhelming for families. I have compiled various resources, which are readily available and easily accessible, and hopefully helps lessen the overwhelming feelings that may occur as loved ones seek useful materials among staggering amounts of information.

Information about Special Education laws and student and parent rights is provided first, such as Wright's Law, IDEA, and 504. Additionally, resources pertaining to early intervention services are provided, including a list of what to look for in a preschool, a matrix that displays developmental milestones and an explanation of developmental delay, as well as early learning standards. The following section offers resources that relate to assessments and accommodations that may be used in classrooms. Activity suggestions and extra-curricula rights are then provided, followed by information about both preschool to kindergarden transitions, and secondary transitions. Sample transition plans are posted. The last section is a compilation of various resources and tools that parents and families may find helpful.