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Communications: Creative Speaking

Life has disaparities

 Somethings just feel insane to me 

Even though life gets hard concurrently

 I can change my ways mentally

Sometimes I do need to be bolstered

So many people hating on me

 I feel like im the holster

The success of others is something I advocate

The way people move is the way I assimilate



Communications: Creative Speaking

Eradicate yourself from the struggle

Oppose the repugnance of others and

Admonish yourself of the diverting troubles

-Brayden T. 

Communications: Creative speaking

I don't like that I constantly got this feeling of hate

So I have to think in order for me to rejuvenate

I don't talk about the past 'cause the stories they fabricate

They're oblivious to the truth; they have no knowledge of what I say

I'm trying to lax up on the plane as I'm flying out of state

Everyone starts to tumult as I'm cut 'em up like steak

Ain't no way they're gassin' me 'cause I'm holding down the break

I got all my people eating, now we're taking the plate

-Orion W.

Dialect Poetry

Today Was A Good Day

The boombox was still on from last night

I was getting my boogie on if i remember right

The sun was out, my Timberlands were fresh

But i got to look out for opps I might get decked

I was walkin with racks-like 5 stacks on stacks

So i have to look left and right, I can get jacked

I got the Fubu pants I’m feeling gooder than good

But i can’t look too nice because the pigs are in the hood

I can’t trust these suckers-of course i know the game

You might not know me ,but your shorty knows my name

-Trevon H.

Poetry: By Kedera Penny

My Thoughts

Mad, deeply, disgusted
Bitter,old and used
My mind stays corrupted
but in my game you will lose

Shall I give you no affection
For thou aren’t worthy enough
You show no temptation
Along with whom you breath makes me cough

My patience has vanished
Any thy love to be decided
For your laws will be banished
You are a fool to have believed

But for my kindness
I will clean up your mess, your highness