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Getting Started for the 2020-2021 School Year

Aug 29, 2020 Login to CANVAS.  Everything will be on CANVAS for all your classes:)  

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

Aug 29, 2020 2020 sure has thrown us some surprises and with all those surprises comes new ways of learning.  As we start the year off remotely I'm sad to not get to see you all in person as I always love the first week of school and the excitement in the building. READ MORE

Check your lesson plans and district email:)

Apr 13, 2020 Please read the E-Learning plan for your class on my website under the yellow Coronavirus Information box. 

Check your emails for updates from me:)

Mar 19, 2020 Please check your email.  I am sending both parents and students email updates.  Students I am using your district email so make sure you go to google and check it:)  Parents if you are not receiving emails from me that is because I either don't have your email or I have the wrong one.  If you have not recieved and email from me please email me your correct email at stroike@sps186.org.  

For at home assignments go to the district's home page and click on the Home-Based Learning Banner

Mar 16, 2020 Due to community circumstances, District 186 schools are closed. However, we do not want student learning to end. This page offers grade level learning options that can be used to keep students learning at home. We encourage students to utilize these learning opportunities. No student will be penalized if they are unable to complete activities.

Note-taking guides for Health & SWT

Mar 16, 2020 Note-taking guides can be found on the lesson plan page in the students cummulative folder under the grades tab.   

SWT 4th Quarter Lesson Plans

Mar 16, 2020 Please follow the attached 4th quarter lesson plans.  Students know their typing.com passwords.  The expectation is to type for 20 minutes each Monday.  Tuesday - Thursdays students are to read from the School to Career textbook pages provided before the school closing.  Fridays are listed as teamwork activities you may choose to work as a family on a project of your choice or work on job applicaions. READ MORE

Health 4th Quarter Plans

Mar 16, 2020 Please follow the health 4th quarter lesson plans.  Most days have an assignment to read and then a note-taking guide to complete.  If you would like feedback on your note-taking guides please email me your answers.  If you have any questions I am available through email from 9-2 daily.  

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