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Enos Elementary Device Return and Student Item Pick-Up Days & Times

Enos Elementary Device Return and Student Item Pick-Up Days & Times

We now have the technology drop off schedule available for families. Please drive up to drop off your device in the bus lane. We will use the old school entrance, by the bike rack for collection. You will receive a receipt once your device, charging cord, and block have been turned in.

As stated earlier, if you are unavailable to come on the dates listed below, I will be available on Friday, May 22, 2020.


T. Jones CC, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade: Tuesday, May 26th 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Ms. Baker’s ED,  2nd and 3rd Grades: Tuesday, May 26th 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Ms. Brittin’s CC, 4th & 5th Grades: Wednesday, May 27th: 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Additional Time – Wednesday, May 27th: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

* If you have multiple children, come during the time of your youngest child.

What to Bring Back:  

1.    CHARGED and CLEANED device and cord

2.    Library Books

3.    Any other School Items or Books that belong to Enos Elementary School (i.e. class reading books etc.)

How to Clean:

1. For everything EXCEPT screen: a. Paper towel or lint free cloth dampened with cleaning solution. b. Disinfectant wipe that has been wrung out. c. Wipes and towels should not be wet or dripping d. Gently wipe all surfaces except the screen.

2. For Screen: a. Dampen a microfiber towel (no paper towels) with water, gently wipe the screen. b. No disinfectant wipes. c. Allow to air dry.

Enos Elementary Device Return

*Please be aware this process will take MUCH LONGER than the device roll-out.  

Enos Elementary will use a drive through process in the bus lane, where families will:

1.    Return the technology device to a volunteer.

a.    The device will be powered on to make sure it is working- it would help if you already have it charged fully and turned on for us to collect!

b.    The volunteer will take the device into the building where it will be scanned into the information system.

c.     The staff member scanning the device will check for damage (broken case, missing keys, cracked screen, missing charger, damaged charging cord, etc.) and will add any damage to the device return document.

2.    Return any textbooks, library books, lit lab books to the volunteer.  

  The books will be scanned into the information system return document.

3.    The staff member who scanned the items will print out the one-page   receipt of items returned by the student.  

4.    A volunteer will take this page along with the student’s personal belongings to the family's vehicle. 

5.    The family will exit the school grounds.

What you will get:  

Student Items (from their desk)

Spring Pictures 

Report Cards 

If you have medication at the school, please make arrangements to pick up before May 26th or after May 27th.

Note – If you have any special requests of an item(s), will you please notify your child’s teacher or the office by email in advance, so we do not slow down the lines in any way, my email address is: claujohn@sps186.org .

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District 186 Storytime

Beginning on Wednesday, April 22nd, 96.7 FM radio will be airing a District 186 Storytime at 11:30 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through the remainder of the school year. Families can listen to a story while enjoying their lunch. The first 15 minutes (11:30 - 11:45) will be geared toward PreK-2 learners and the second 15 minutes (11:45 - 12:00) will be geared towards grade 3-5 learners. 

Music with Mr. Telford

Mr. Telford will be teaching his music classes through Canvas Learning. Please go to his website for further information. 


Thank you!


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Exact Path Challenge!! :-)

Please log into your Exact Path games to join the FUN!!! 

Kindergarten-  https://login.edmentum.com/ez/SSD186/7734                                           1st grade- https://login.edmentum.com/ez/SSD186/7735                                               2nd grade- https://login.edmentum.com/ez/SSD186/7736

Then enter your password that was sent home on March 13th. 

Enjoy!! Mrs. Jones


Spring Break April 3-13, 2020

 I just wanted to let you know that after today we will be breaking for Spring Break. If you have any questions or concerns, myself and/or the district will get back to you on April 14th. If you have not already picked up your device and find yourself needing one, please feel free to stop by Enos Elementary on April 14th. Please stay SAFE and HEALTHY!!

Hope you have a great spring break!! 

Device distribution information

We now have technology available for families who need a device for home-based learning. Enos will be open on Thursday, April 2, 2020  from 9-11a.m..  Please drive up to pick up your device in the bus lane. We will use the old school entrance, by the bike rack for distribution. You will need to sign a form to accept the device. You must bring a valid Picture I.D. It would help if you would bring your own pen to use during process. A parent/guardian or a person on the emergency card should come to pick up the device. The form will be on our website so that you can read it in advance. Thank you!


Enos Technology Instructions for Pick-Up... Tomorrow, Thursday, April 2, 2020!  

All parents should enter the school from Walnut Street and make a right turn into the bus lane. Once you enter the bus lane, it will be a one- way, two-lane distribution site. Do not enter from the Elliott and Bond intersection. Maintaining one-way traffic will expedite the process for everyone.The car rider lanes will not be staffed during this time. All technology distribution will take place in the bus lane. We appreciate your cooperation as we tackle this challenge together.  

Once you pull in, please proceed all the way to the farthest possible point in the lane. You will be greeted by staff and volunteers. Please have your photo ID ready. If you are sending someone to pick up, please make sure s/he is listed on your child’s emergency contact list! 

*Bring a pen to use, and please pre-read the form online. This will expedite our distribution. 

If you are walking to the distribution site, please wait patiently by the bike rack using the social distancing protocol of 6 feet apart. Proper social distancing helps protect us all. 

If you are in a vehicle, please do not get out or turn your car off. 

Keep in mind, smoking is prohibited on school grounds. 

I am looking forward to this awesome experience as we roll out the learning for our Enos families.

In need of a Device?

Our district is working on a plan to distribute devices into the hands of students who do not currently have a device.  The City of Springfield is also working alongside the district to help provide a limited number of hotspots to provide internet to houses, as well.  

Please take the survey below.  You may have already received a district email/text with the link.  

Families should only fill out the form once for their entire family.  

Survey Link - https://forms.gle/rC3yuqFtvMJDRQPp7

Why reading everyday is so important
Why reading everyday is so important
Tip of the Day!


Have your students play Mystery Animal


Let’s connect with each other! Join our Padlet and share ways you are keeping in touch with your students.



Create a reading list, collection, or text set of digital reading material for students to explore.

Some Tools for digital text:


Unite for Literacy


Awesome Stories


DK Findout

World Book Online (password: teach, username: learn) 

Bonus Tip:

Dig into this eLearning Resource. It is loaded with info. Please be thoughtful when sharing resources with students. We do not want to overwhelm them with new tools.

Double Secret Bonus Tip:

The Cincinnati Zoo is launching daily virtual zoo visits called “Home Safaris”!

Check out more info here.


From the Desk of Ms. Erica

Please see Ms. Erica's website for some fun and exciting language games you can play at home. :-)


Lesson March 16-20, 2020

Lesson - Week March 16-20

Monday - March 16th : 

  • Reading: Work on letter sound and letter recognition on letters...a, m, r, e, s, 

  • Math: Work on number recognition 1-30 and/or -1 subtraction facts (1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 etc)

  • Writing: Practice writing 2-3 letter words ( ie. and, at, am, as, be, but, big, can, for, go, his, has, he, had, how, him, is, it, in)

Tuesday - March 17th : 

  • Reading:  Work on letter sound and letter recognition on letters... a, m, s, f, d, e, r. Also work on the words using the 'am' blend (ie. ram, am, sam, ham, jam, Pam)

  • Math:  Continue working on -1 subtraction facts

  • Writing: Continue to practice writing 2-3 letter words ( ie. and, at, am, as, be, but, big, can, for, go, his, has, he, had, how, him, is, it, in)

Wednesday - March 18th : 

  • Reading: Work on letter sound and letter recognition on letters...s, a, m, f, d, r, e.  Also work on the words with the long /o/ sound ( row, mow, so, Joe, bow, no)

  • Math: Continue working on -1 subtraction facts. (Note: Did you know you can do math while eating a snack? For example: If you had 5 animal crackers and you ate 1 how many animal crackers would you have left?)

  • Writing:  Continue to practice writing 2-3 letter words ( ie. and, at, am, as, be, but, big, can, for, go, his, has, he, had, how, him, is, it, in)

Thursday - March 19th :

  • Reading: Work on letter sound and letter recognition on letters...m, s, a, i, f, d. Also work on words that rhyme with 'an' (ie, man, can, tan, fan, Dan, pan, van) 

  • Math: Continue working on -1 subtraction facts.

  • Writing: Continue to practice writing 2-3 letter words ( ie. and, at, am, as, be, but, big, can, for, go, his, has, he, had, how, him, is, it, in)

Friday - March 20th :

  • Reading: Work on letter sound and letter recognition on letters...a, s, m, e, i, f, r, d. Also work on words with the long /e/ sounds (seem, ear, he, we, me, see) 

  •  Math: Continue working on -1 subtraction facts.

  • Writng: Continue to practice writing 2-3 letter words ( ie. and, at, am, as, be, but, big, can, for, go, his, has, he, had, how, him, is, it, in)

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