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Narrative Reflection

Oct 3, 2016 Now that we've completed our narrative writing unit, we are asking you to reflect upon your learning. In a 4-5 sentence-long paragraph, write a detailed reflection of how your writing has changed since you wrote your on-demand narrative at the beginning of the school year. Give specific details to support your reflection.

We Don't Need More STEM Majors

Apr 24, 2015 What is the theme or central idea of this article? Provide your answer in a complete sentence. Then write a substantial paragraph explaining your answer and providing text evidence. You may work with one other person. May sure that both of your names are on your blog post. Your paragraph should contain at least 10-15 sentences. Feel free to make it longer:) Extra Credit: Do you think that this author's perspective affects the article? Why? Why not?

Vocabulary Review 4-2-14

Apr 2, 2014 If your neighbor was acting cantankerous, give me a situation that might have caused this reaction as well as describing your neighbor's behavior.

Word Gap Text Structure 4-2-14

Apr 1, 2014 Re-read the Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word article. Your purpose for this rereading is to determine the text structure of this piece. As you read, be alert for clues as to its structure. Work with a partner and decide which text structure describes this article. You and your partner should tell me which text structure you've chosen and provide detailed evidence to back up your choice. One blog response per pair will suffice. Be sure both your names are on your work.

La Chureca 3-10-14

Mar 10, 2014 Give me your impressions of what you've seen and read about La Chureca. What do you think life is like for those living there? What do you think about the reception that the photographer received when he visited and began taking pictures? What do you think about the comments left below the pictures? These people live in trash and filth that "we" generate. READ MORE

Trash 3-4-14

Mar 4, 2014 What is the central idea of Trash? Give examples from the story of how Andy Mulligan develops this central idea. What do you think of what the boys did with the money at the end of the book? Think of both their actions at the landfill and in Sampalo. Think about the title of the book. Why do you think the author chose this title? What do you think it refers to?

4th hour 2-24-14

Feb 24, 2014 On p. 92 of Trash in the second paragraph, the author uses the word squalid. Using the rest of the paragraph for information, what words give you an idea of what the word squalid means? What character traits would you use to describe Olivia Weston? Give specific evidence from the text to support your choices.

Point of View "Salvador Late or Early"

Feb 24, 2014 Look back at "Salvadore Late or Early" on pp. 616-617. Using your Cornell notes if needed, determine the point of view used in the story. Along with giving me the point of view, explain how you decided on your choice. As we practiced last week, if it's third person, explain who's telling the story.

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