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Discover WONDERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD!!  Find fun facts and cool things that people are doing all over the world and see what you can learn.

Go Noodle

Fun way to get the kids moving and get some energy out!!

At-Home Technology Survey

Please fill out the survey about the technology you have access to in your home to help us prepare for your student throughout this time of home based learning.  This will help us prepare better for your kids!!  It only takes a couple minutes!!

Learn to Type or Become Better at Typing

Work on your typing skills and see how good you can become!!  Fun games to better your skills!!

Art Projects

Coloration Art Projects

Lots of different fun and easy art projects so that the kids can continue to express their creative sides from home.  Bring them to show your teacher and decorate our classroom when we return to school!!

Salt Dough Easter Eggs (Art Project)

Want to do something fun with the kids and get ready for Easter?  This is a fun art project to make Salt Dough Easter Eggs to decorate and make eggs to bring on spring!!  

MotherCould Family Activities

There are many activities on this website that are good for kids of all ages!!  The ones that I like the best are making Play Dough, Taste Safe Blocks (jello of all colors), Fizzy Blocks, Taste Safe Paint, Taste Safe Slime, Puffy Paint, Baby Safe Paint, and Ice Paints.  TONS OTHERS TOO!!

Language Arts and Literacy Activities

Zoo Animal Reading Packets

Reading packets for many different zoo animals that the kids can practice reading comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency skills. This resource is in PDF form to print for your student.  Due to the number of animals in the packet, I can't upload it to my website but send me a message and I will e-mail it to you for your student.  (Credit to Breezy Special Ed Teacher)

EPIC! Reading and Learning Videos

EPIC! Reading is a great website for the students to access for all types of reading materials as well as learning videos on lots of different topics.  The students all know their logins- they can click on their icon and put in their first 4 numbers of their lunch pins to access.  The class code is zdu5886.  HAPPY READING AND LEARNING!!

Squiggle Park/ Dreamscape Reading Games

This website will let you play games and see what level you can get to with your reading skills!!  Have fun and play.  I have set up accounts for all my students- all they need to do is get their logins and passwords and off they go.  Send me an e-mail and I will give you your information to start the fun!!  PArents can also sign up for a free account for any other student in the household kindergarten through eighth grade to begin the fun!!

Storyline Online

Lots of books for all topicsand levels of reading.  The books are all read to you by people from around the country.  Just click on a book and listen to a great story!!

Spelling City

Practice spelling and learn what new words mean!!  Students all have their own logins and passwords.  They can login using an app on a tablet or the webpage.  IF your student doesn't remember their login or password send me a message through this website and I will send it to you.  They can practice words in any unit we have worked on this year!!

Audible Stories

Audible Stories has openned their website for free children's stories as long as school is on leave.  Lots of fun stories for the kids to choose from and listen to.

TIME for Kids FREE

Clink on the link to get TIME magazine for Kids FREE for the rest of the school year.  Just click on the grade range that fits your child and sing up!!  Lots of fun articles to read and learn from!!

Unite for Literacy

Tons of books at different levels on all different topics!!

Story Time from Space

Listen to astronauts read stories from their space craft!!  Lots of different books to choose from- which one is your favorite???


Newsela is a website that has current news stories for various levels of readers.  Click around and find a story that interests you!!  Anyone can join for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year for free.

Actively Learn

This website has texts and videos for Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies for the kids to explore and learn from.  Set up a student account for free and begin to explore!!

Lalilo- Phonics Reading Program

This is a website that will allow the kids to work on phonics and letter sounds to help with fluency and reading skills.  Mainly set up for kindergarten to second grade but this helps all learners.  Just sign up for a free account and get going!!

Math Activities and Resources


REFLEX Math is for practice of basic math facts depending on where the students are at with their learning.  They are either working on additon and subtraction OR multiplication and division.  The students can login each day to get their green lights on.  The classroom teacher is tgalloway and then they click on their class, click on their name, and then put in their lunch pin to access their account.  They can either access this through an app downloadable on a tablet or through the webpage link.

Prodigy Math Game

The students work on Prodigy in the classroom to build their math skills in a variety of concepts each day.  The students can either access the game through an app on a tablet or through the link to the website.  The students all know their logins and passwords but if they have forgotten, send me an e-mail and I will send both to you.

Science Activities and Resources

STEM and STEAM Activities for Kids

Lots of hands on activities for the kids to try at home.  Have fun and explore with hands on learning (great for older kids to help their younger siblings with)!!

Mystery Science

Lots of different topics about all different areas of science.  Lessons are categorized by grade level for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Pick any topic that peaks your interest and see what new facts you can learn!!

Mystery Doug

Fun videos about lots of things we see around us and animals we love to explore and learn about!!

Cincinnati Zoo Daily Virtual Zoo Visits

The Cincinnati Zoo is offering virtual tours of their zoo daily for students to explore the zoo and learn about the animals.  FUN and EDUCATIONAL!!  What animals can you learn more about?

Steve Spangler Science Experiments

Lots of different experiments the kids can do from home- VERY EASY!!  See what they can explore and learn!!  Have Fun!!

National Geographic for Kids

Videos and searched for your favorite animals that has games and short stories- what will you learn about???

Kidzeum Online Education

Even though the Kidzeum is closed currently, they have posted several resources and activities for the kids to do while at home.  From building a bird feeder to making the best paper airplanes to The San Diego Zoo, you can ket the kids learn hands on and explore other worlds.

San Diego Zoo LIVE Animal Cams

Lots of animals to explore and watch see what they are doing each day!!  Which animal will you discover today?

There are archieved films of the pandas as well as daily live feed of the giraffes, penguins, polar bears, baboons, koala, elephants, tigers, and a few more!!  EXPLORE A NEW ANIMAL EACH DAY!!

NASA Media Library

NASA has made their entire media library publicaly accessible for everyone to explore.  There are pictures, videos, and so much more to explore as you learn about the many different aspects of space.  Photographs are awesome- you will love seeing all the amazing pictures and videos!!

Milwaukee With Kids- Two Weeks of Science Experiments

This website has fun science experiments for the kids that are easy and you probably already have items in your house that you need.  Great ideas for the kids to do something fun and hands on.

Explore Wildlife Through Live Webcams

Lots of different webcams that show bald eagles, hummingbirds, pandas, and many other animals in their habitats and sanctuaries.  See them live and follow them!!

My Learning Journal

Download and print this journal to document all your feeling and things you have been doing during this time away from school.  You can write about things as well as draw pictures- whichever works for you!!

Social Studies/ World Exploration/ History

History for Kids

Learn about the history of many different countries- Greece, Egypt, and China along with places in Asia.  You can also learn about Rome and The Middle Ages.  World War I and World War II are also included.  Learn some new facts about America as well that might surprise you and be entertaining!!  EXPLORE and HAVE FUN!!

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

You can explore the frozen tundra with the polar bears or explore so many other places around the world. The videos all come with the video for the field trip as well as learning activities to comeplete afterwards to continue your learning!!  ENJOY the WORLD!!

Take a Tour of The Great Wall of China

Explore The Great Wall of China and learn lots of fun facts about the historic landmark and the country of China

Social Activities and Resources

Mindful Schools Videos

Mindful Schools have made videos for kids to practice mindfulness during this time while we are doing remote learning and at home more.  These are things kids can do along with their families to help with their emotions and social well-being!!  Once you are on the website, scroll fdown towards the bottom of the page to begin the videos.  There are currently 10 videos available to watch and practice with!!

This is a social story that can help your child understand what is going on better.  This story is in PDF form to review together. (Credit for information from Breezy Special Ed Teacher)

This document has activities and answers for kids as they are seeing and hearing the different things about Coronavirus in the United States, around the world, and our communities.  You can read the information together as a family as well as do some of the activities together to help everyone deal with the times we are navigating right now.

Just another resource for talking with the kids as well as activities for the family to do together.

This actiivty will allow you to figure out how you feel throughout your day by coloring a gumball each hour saying how your day is going.  For each emotion, pick a color for that gumball and color your gumballs in that day's gumball machine.  How is your day going? (Free Source from Counselor Keri)

Why are you amazing???  This activity will allow you and the rest of your family to fill out a rainbow showing all the reasons you are amazing!!  Can't wait to hear why each person is amazing!! (Free Resource from Counselor Keri)

Multiple Content Area Activities and Resources (Reading, Math, Science, and More)

Teacher Created Resources- Free for Parents (Grades 1-6)

Teacher Created Resources has made several of their resources available to parents for free during this time away from the schools for learning.  These resources can be printed off and done on paper.  There are daily reading worksheets, sight word learning, and daily math activities.  Just click on the link and it will take you right there.  You can print off the grade levels that work for your students!!

Great Schools Resources and Worksheets

Great Schools offers lots of resources but the link can give you access to lots of worksheets and activities.  Click on the tab for the grade level of your student to find these.  The worksheets are divided into Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Lots of different activities for the students to learn from and explore.

Freedom Homeschool Curriculum

This website has lessons and ideas from all the different content areas to use while at home.  There are virtual field trips from various different places around the world to explore, math activities, language arts, and even P.E. activities to allow for the kids to get some energy out in a productive way.  What places in the world will you visit?

Learning Units for Students

These lessons are differentiated for students with learning struggles and need additonal support.  The current unit has lessons on 1) Maps and Globes; 2) Levels of Organizations: an Introduction to Biology; and 3) Because of Winn Dixie.  New lessons will be uploaded at the end of March.  Just click on the blue bar that says "Access remote learning modules".

Mommy Poppins- Creative Projects & Other Resources

This website has fun science experiments for the kids to do with household items as well as lots of other resources for free learning for the kids.  There are resources that talk about the COVID-19 situation in our communities right now as well as readings about what is going on in the nation right now.