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Distance Learning Speech/Language Questions and Concerns

During the next two weeks, I will be available via email as we are out of school.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's speech/language services please reach out to me. Under the Resources section of my website you will find online resources to help practice your child's skills at home.  If you are interested in some paper worksheets please email me and I can send you paper resources as well.  

My email address is tkinkade@sps186.org



Communication is more than just speech. We communicate with our body language, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice. In speech and language therapy we use words, pictures, gestures, and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) to communicate with one another. I encourage choices, as this is a fun and important way to communicate.

downloadOnline Meeting Respects!

Speech At Home Apr 15 Good morning, boys and girls! As we get ready for our first "Speech Meeting" tomorrow, please read the following rules for respect during online meetings! We want to make sure that no mat

Steps to Join Speech Google Classroom

Speech At Home Apr 14 Below are the steps you will follow to join our Google Classroom! 

Welcome Back!

Speech At Home Apr 14 Welcome back! We hope you had a fantastic spring break. Mrs. Roe and I want to make sure you have a place to check for speech announcements and to get speech practice activities while we aren't

Happy Spring Break!

Speech At Home Apr 3 Love you all and miss you! 

Fantastic Friday

Speech At Home Apr 3 Happy Friday, boys and girls. I hope you have done something outside each day this week. Today, I want to challenge you to practice your speech or language goals outside. This could be going for a

Thursday Thoughts

Speech At Home Apr 2 Good morning, boys and girls! Today, I was thinking about what we would be doing if you were coming to the speech room with me...what do you think we would do? Would we do some paper and pencil wor

Website Wednesday!

Speech At Home Apr 1 Boys and girls, today I want you to check out this website and practice one of your lanuage or speech goals with a game!  https://ww

It's Tuesday!

Speech At Home Mar 31 Boys and girls, I hope you have started your Tuesday off by doing some reading or math to grow your brains! Reading has been one of the most fun parts of Elliott and I's days! He is really star

Monday, March 30!

Speech At Home Mar 30 Good morning, boys and girls! I hope you had another fantastic weekend. The sun came out yesterday! I was so thankful for sunshine and wamer weather. I went for a walk after dinner last night and I

Fun Friday!

Speech At Home Mar 27 Boys and girls! We have done another week of learning from home! Happy Fun Friday. Mrs. Kinkade is really missing you guys today. I have done some fun things this week to prepare for helping you le

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