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Scholastic Book Orders

To order books from Scholastic, click on this link. When you order a book online, we get a free book for our room! Books are generally cheaper in the Scholastic Book Club. :)

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This link will take you to our Donors Choose page. Throughout the year, I may create projects on this site to get new items for our classroom. Please share. :)

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Classroom wishlists

We have Amazon wishlists created for our classroom. There is one for picture books, general supplies, and for materials. 




Harvard Park Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate all students to be productive citizens by teaching them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers with a life-long passion for learning.

Harvard Park Instructional Focus

All students will collaborate throughout the day by sharing ideas and applying problem solving strategies.

Interactive Classroom for Oct 26-30th

News 4 days ago Virtual Classroom Click on this link to enjoy the activities for this week. Be sure to click on each day for your daily activity! :)    

Butterfly Life Cycle

Resources Oct 12 This is a picture representing the life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly. There are several links to take you to short videos about that stage of metamorphosis.

Interactive Classroom

News Oct 11 Click on items in the classroom to view learning resources.  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LsuiQFZMhWoWaBgrjWqtepcXJwC6rU8ZN8Uok_7eTO0/preview

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