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Lit. 134 Zoom codes

4th hour and 7th hour Lit. 134 zoom codes are located in the zoom tab on Canvas.  Be sure you are joining the correct time for class.

Speech 205

Toast speech May 9th

Impromptu speech May 13th

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Senior Brit Lit 435 Zoom

Lit 435 zoom class meet Tuesday through Friday

Click the zoom tab in Canvas to join zoom meetings.


Final Exams Spring 2021

Info May 5 Finals May 28th periods 1-3: 1st hour- 8:24-9:55/ 2nd hour- 10:00-11:35/ (A lunch 11:35-12:05 and B lunch 11:40-12:15) / 3rd hour- 12:50-2:17 June 1st- periods 4 and 5: 4th hour- 8:2

Class meets Tuesday-Friday beginning April 6, 2021 via zoom

Info Nov 12 Zooming four days a week beginning April 6, 2021 at 8:30 am. See canvas for zoom link. Materials needed: notebook, writing utensil

Speech 205

Info Nov 12 Zoom class meet every day beginning April 6, 2021 Supplies needed for Speech: notecards Seven speeches Introduction Pet Peeve Informative Show and te

Lit/Comp 134

News Aug 15 All students zoom Tuesday- Friday 4th hour at 11:10. All students zoom/hybrid Tuesday- Friday 7th hour at 1:35. Click the zoom tab in Canvas to join zoom class.  Be sure you join the correct class.    

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