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Speech 205

Impromptu speech writing the month of May.

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All assignments and communication for my classes can be found in Google Class and on the intranet in my lesson plans.

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Speech 205

Demonstration speeches need to be sbmitted via Google photos by May 1st. Share with me at toller1@sps186.org.

Lit./Comp 134

Info Nov 12 Materials needed: notebook and writing utensil

Info Nov 12 Materials needed: notebook, writing utensil

Speech 205

Info Nov 12 Supplies needed for Speech Writing utensil paper  notecards Seven speeches Introduction Pet Peeve Informative Demonstration

Speech 205

News Oct 21 Speech students be checking Google Class for assignments. Written toast speech due April 27.

British Lit 435

News Oct 21 SENIORS:  all assignments are found in Google Class.  Be sure to have the questions done by May 1st. British Lit. research project and reading Brave New World in first hour. Third hour is reading And Then There Were None a murder myst

Lit/Comp 134

News Aug 15   Students check Google Class for your questions for the novel Whirligig.  Assignments should be completed by May 1st.  This link will take you to the reading 

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