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Canvas Online Classroom

To log into canvas, click this banner. 

•Your username is your full district email.

•your password is the first three letters of your birth month (capitalize the first letter) followed by a period, then your lunch pin. [ex. Mar.123456]

Need help?

Are you looking for help on a mathematical topic or SAT/ACT prep?


News Sep 7 Attendance is  taken EVERY Monday through Friday.   Monday:   ALL students must log...

Alternative Method for Uploading Assignments(PDF format)

News Sep 2 This method allows a PDF format which is more legible to read.   Two methods are given depending on whether you are using an I-Phone or Android.


News Aug 29 I am available from 12:10-12:40 and 2:20-3:30 p.m Tuesday-Friday.    I am available from 8:30-3:30 p.m. on Monday. Please email at tslater@186.org      

Accessing the Algebra 134A textbook

News Aug 25 I am attaching the directions for accessing the Algebra 134A textbook.      There are a lot of resources, including instructional videos, that would be very helpful for you.      

Preferred Method for Uploading Canvas Assignments(PDF format)

News Aug 25 Using Cam Scanner app to upload to Canvas 1.  Download an App called CamScan 2.  Download and log into the Canvas Student App 3.  Open the Cam Scan App 4.  Press the Camera Icon at the bottom of the

Alternative Method for Uploading Assignments(not PDF format)

News Aug 25 This method uses pictures on the phone in jpeg format rather than using the Cam Scanner.    However the quality of the picture may NOT be as good as using the Cam Scanner App or a PDF form.

Canvas ACCESS & LOG-IN Information

News Aug 25 We will be using the Canvas online learning platform. Canvas can be accessed at the following link:  Canvas Online Learning You can log in with your school student email address and your school password, which is the firs

Weekly Zoom Meetings

News Aug 25 The zoom meeting link for EVERY CLASS is shown below.  I will be using the SAME LINK for EVERY CLASS.   Students NEED to access this zoom link by following these steps: 1.  Log into Canvas.  2.  Choose the appropriate class .  

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