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• Textbook
• 3 ring-binder(1-2 inch)
• pencil/pen
• scientific calculator

Grading Policies

Grading Scale

Formative Assessments: 15% Summative Assessments: 85%

A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F Below 60%


Students are required to maintain a binder as part of the course grade.   Class notes (as given by the teacher) and homework assignments, including any handouts, are kept in order as they are assigned.  All homework problems must be completed and corrected.   The binders will be due at the beginning of class on all chapter test days.   The notebooks may be also due on quiz days as determined by the teacher.    Students will be aware of these due dates, and they are posted under lesson plans on the students' cumulative folder.   The binders are formative assessments which are 15% of the grade.


There will be a test for every chapter/unit and possibly 1-2 quizzes.  The quizzes and tests are summative assessments which are 85% of the grade.