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IL Waiver changes Public School Choice

Illinois receive a waiver from the No Child Left Behind act in May 2014, and this has created a change to the way schools are mandated to do public school choice.
Schools are no longer bound to offer choice as a sanction of NCLB.
SPS186 will not be offering choice to any school for the upcoming year, and students currently on choice can apply for a transfer to remain at the school of choice to the building Principal. No transportation can be provided under current waiver language. For more questions please contact your school Principal.

Public School Choice or PSC is:

When academic achievement is not being met to State standards in Title I schools, then the No Child Left Behind Act mandates schools give families options. When schools do not meet State targets for improving the achievement of all students, parents need to have options, including the option to send their child to another school. Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), responds to that need by giving parents of students enrolled in Title I schools that have been identified for school improvement, corrective action, restructuring (because they have not met State achievement targets) the OPPORTUNITY to transfer their children to a public school that has not been so identified. This does not mean all students will desire or even need to move to a different Title I school, but if the child that applies for a PSC transfer is low-achieving and low-income; then the opportunity for a move may be necessary. It is the decision of the parent to request the transfer based on academic decisions. It is the right of the District to provide another Title I school that has made adequate yearly progress for an opportunity to transfer too. There are many intricacies within the educational guidance on Public School Choice, and if more information is needed you may see the following link (www.isbe.state.il.us/nclb/pdf/schchoice.pdfs), or read the FAQ section under PSC.