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SES Information

Larry McVey
530 West Reynolds
Springfield, IL 62702
General guidelines for schools in SES

• Each school must have at least one SES contact. It could be the Parent educator, Literacy Coach, or Title I resource
• All teachers must be notified that providers may need to hire from within building.
• Provider meetings to be held with Principals as needed.
• Low-income families of each school would receive a letter and then a follow up by building contact.
• Use of channel 22, and community calendar on local news networks. Use of websites - district and schools
• Gain ISBE approval on letters and sign up forms.
• Plan for access to school.
• Building contact must review each individual student plan developed by provider and family.
• Plan for providers to report to teachers, Principals, SES contact the data on students bi-weekly/monthly?

Tryis McPike and Larry McVey are coordinating SES and they can find answers to questions as they come up.