The District, in collaboration with families and community, shall develop in all students the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes to empower them to be responsible life-long learners and citizens in an ever-changing world. This will be accomplished in a climate that promotes high expectations, strives to meet individual needs, and values diversity.


Empowering Students, Families and Communities to Pursue Excellence

Strategic Goals

  1. Expand opportunities for all students and empower them to learn and succeed

  2. Enhance academic and emotional support so students can reach their full potential

  3. Embrace a connected, committed and collaborative work environment

  4. Engage families and community partners

  5. Excel in fiscal responsibility and facilities planning and management

Collective Commitments

  1. We are committed to affording equitable opportunities for all.

  2. We are committed to celebrating a unified and diverse community of students and staff.

  3. We are committed to providing a welcoming experience in every encounter.

  4. We are committed to promoting a strong sense of District 186 and school pride.

  5. We are committed to communicating relentlessly.

District 186 offers opportunities for all to learn, grow and succeed. Our students, teachers, administrators, staff and families are the #heartof186

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5 Goals, 5 Commitments

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