Transfer Guidelines

A transfer should be requested when:

  • A student wants to attend a school that is outside of the school boundary area their home address is located.

  • A student has moved out of the boundary area of the school they currently attend and they want to continue at the current school during the next school year.

Reasons to not request a transfer:

A transfer would not be requested when:

  • A student has moved from one school boundary area to another school boundary area and the student is going to attend the school in the new boundary area.  You will need to present residency information for the new residence upon enrollment.

  • If you have moved to Springfield from another city and want to attend the boundary area school based on the home address that you have moved.  You will need to present residency information upon enrollment.

  • A student was approved for a transfer to a school and will be continuing at the same school for the next school year.

  • If your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and has been assigned to a specific classroom, this classroom assignment can only be changed by the Student Support Services Department.  Students who have been assigned a classroom through the IEP process are not eligible for a traditional transfer.  Please contact Graham Student Support Services about your child’s classroom assignment.

Transfer Policy:

Springfield Public School District 186 offers attendance center transfers to students who meet pre-determined criteria as set forth in District 186 Board Policies.  This policy is strictly adhered to during decision-making.


  • Transfer requests should be submitted via the forms on the District #186 website, on or before June 1st to be considered for the next school year.

  • After this date, only students new to District 186 may submit a transfer request for the following year.  Late transfer requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be considered only if space is available.

  • Transfers are processed throughout the summer.  Notifications will be complete by the first two weeks in August after the registration process is complete.


Transfer decisions are dependent on class size limits and the pre-determined reasons for transfer in District 186 Board Policy.

Length of Transfer:

  • If a transfer is granted it shall be for the entire school year for the purpose of continuity in student learning.  

  • The transfer will be continued into the next school year unless the student moves from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school, or the transfer school follows the revocation process below.

Revocation of Transfer:

  • A school may revoke the transfer during a school year or at the end of the school year based on continued poor attendance and/or continued behavior problems.  

  • The transfer revocation shall only take place after consultation with the parent or guardian and after interventions & supports are implemented.  

  • The school will submit the revocation warning letter and final revocation letter to the Executive Director of School Support Office prior to the revocation being finalized.  

Additional information on the types of transfers and the transfer process can be found in the “Transfer Rules and Regulations” and “Transfer Policy” documents below.