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Sandburg's Thanksgiving Feast

Sandburg 8 hours ago Special thanks to Ms. Stella, Ms. June, Mr. Mulvey, and Ms. Amanda for all of their work to make Sandburg's Thanksgiving feast a very special event for our school!

Field Trip to Scovill Zoo

Iles 9 hours ago An exploration into density with "Float Your Boat".

IMSA Fall 2014

Iles 9 hours ago We have been busy with a variety of explorations!

Acids and Bases

Marsh 10 hours ago

Milk & Cookies Bedtime Storytime

Dubois 11 hours ago We started our Fall Family Fun with something yummy…cookies! Everyone put on their pajamas, grabbed a pillow and listened to very special storytellers.

Fall Festival

Lee 16 hours ago

New Grant Wear!!

Grant 16 hours ago Attached is the order form for Grant Wear. Forms are to be turned in by Dec 4 so that they can be produced and distributed before Winter Break.

Fibonacci Day Potluck

Lanphier 16 hours ago On Friday, November 21, the LHS Math Club celebrated Fibonacci Day (11/23) by bringing food for a potluck after school. Thank you to everyone who brought food to make this event such a blast!

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