Featured Games to be Broadcast

These games will be broadcast live on Channel 22 and Youtube

Boys Basketball

Friday, December 9, 7:30 PM, Springfield vs. Glenwood

Saturday, December 10, 6:30PM, Springfield vs. Quincy

Beginning November 16 - January 16, teachers, parents, and students will have an opportunity to participate in the fourth annual statewide Illinois 5Essentials Survey. As a parent, this survey opportunity will allow you to share your thoughts on the important elements in your child’s school. Simply select this link to take the 5Essentials Parent Survey. The 5Essential Parent Survey will take 10 minutes to complete.

Staff Directory
FMS Students Recognized by the Urban League

Franklin 2 days ago The following students were recognized for academic excellence by the Springfield Urban League. 6th grade - David Mehundrew 7th grade - Rashad Rochelle 8th grade - Allyse Buckley

Latin Club Saturnalia Party

Springfield 2 days ago The Romans celebrated the Winter solstice for several days beginning on December 18th....

Salvation Army Food Drive

Lindsay 2 days ago Thank you for helping us support the Salvation Army Food Drive....

What Can Parents Do if Their Child is Struggling in School?

Parent Mentor 2 days ago Parent Workshop: "Not All Roads Lead to Special Education." Sometimes children need extra support but they don't...

Gingerbread Workshop & Holiday Sing-a-Long

Laketown 2 days ago Thank you to all of our families that were able to come to our annual Gingerbread Workshop...

Winter Dates

Lee 2 days ago Hello, I wanted to highlight our upcoming dates for Winter Break: Monday, December 12 - PTA/FACE meeting at 5:30 - 6...

December 9th Announcements

Washington 2 days ago Congratulations Washington Middle School! You have exceeded expectations for the Food Drive for Kids! Way to take...

New Pics

Lanphier 2 days ago

December Roar Celebration

Lee 2 days ago The students that were referral free in the last month were invited to the Roar Celebration...

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