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Pay It Forward

Washington 4 hours ago Mr. Darryl Williams, one of our security personnel, recently won the Pay It Forward award from Hyvee and New Channel 20. Mr. Williams used the $500 gift card from Hyvee and more of his own money to

Bee-ing Great at Feitshans!

Feitshans 4 hours ago Local beekeeper, Gary Lamsargis, visited the 2nd grade classrooms of Mrs. Milnes and Mrs. Gleason to teach them the art of beekeeping. The classrooms, with our art teacher, helped decorate Mr.

Thank You Peace Lutheran

Black Hawk 8 hours ago Peach Lutheran generously provided twenty families with baskets bulging with traditional Thanksgiving food as well as snacks to enjoy throughout the holiday weekend.  We are thankful that Peac

Creole for Kids and the History of Zydeco!!

Black Hawk 10 hours ago Black Hawk families reveled in an evening of Zydeco music and dance at Sangamon Auditorium during Terrance Simien’s presentation of Creole for Kids and the History of Zydeco.   Be

November Science Club

Washington 13 hours ago Students made balloon cars in science club this month. Mr. Bothel taught the students about Newton's 3rd law, action and reaction. The students raced their balloon cars after their practice run

Happy Thanksgiving - Giving thanks and expressing gratitude at OME!

Marsh 24 hours ago November kicks off the holiday season with high expectations for a cozy and festive time of year....

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