City Tournament 2024 | Night One

Tonight at the BOS Center, things were hype – not just your regular tournament vibes! 🎉 Students brought their A-game with cool costumes, cheering on the girls killing it on the court. 🏀👏 The energy? Through the roof!  (Click Here For Photos)

Big shoutout to the Cheerleaders and pom squads – they nailed it, adding that extra flair to the night. 📣💃 It was a legit vibe!

And here's the real deal – seeing our community come together for this amazing tradition is what it's all about. 🤝❤️ It's not just a tournament; it's a vibe, a good time, and a memory-maker. 🌟

Night One Results
Girls Varsity:

Game 1 : SHS - 50 SSHS - 43

Game 2: SHG -59 LHS - 17

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