mj stone read in group photo of readers

📚✨ Celebrating Culture and Knowledge at Feitshans Elementary's Annual MJ Stone Read-In Event! 🌟📖 Click Here for Photos

It was the perfect way to kick off Black History Month! The hallways were buzzing with positive energy as local minority community members joined us to share the rich and vibrant stories from African American literature. 🌍📖 It was a heartwarming experience to see our students engaged, excited, and eager to learn more about African American culture.

The Feitshans Fireflies were absolutely delighted to have special guest readers who brought these incredible stories to life! 🌟 📚 They had the opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and connect with the stories on a personal level.

A huge shoutout to everyone who made this event possible and contributed to the success of our Read-In. 🙌🏽❤️ Your dedication to fostering a love for reading and cultural understanding is truly commendable.

Last year, Principal Boozer and Feitshans Elementary named the Annual Black History Month Read-In after Mr. Melvin D. "STONE" Jordan. His love for education and impact on many lives in the community through literacy was unmatched and will never be forgotten. They also present an M.J. STONE Scholar of the year to a 5th grade student at the end of the year in his honor.

Let's continue to celebrate diversity, knowledge, and the joy of learning together! 📚 🎉✨Thank you to all who participated, and here's to a month filled with exploration, appreciation, and unity.