SSHS African American  History Door Decorating Content

ğŸŽ‰ğŸŒŸ What an incredible celebration of history and creativity at Springfield Southeast Spartans High School! ğŸŒŸğŸŽ‰

Our ASE Club truly outdid themselves with the African American History Door Decorating Contest, showcasing the theme "Black History Firsts." ğŸšªğŸŽ¨ It's been awe-inspiring to witness the dedication and hard work poured into each and every door by both teachers, students and staff.💛💙

🏆 A huge congratulations to the Main Office for clinching First Place with their captivating portrayal of "Hidden Figures" & "Spartan Figures"! 🌠 This door not only honored the groundbreaking achievements of African American Spartans but also beautifully showcased their pivotal roles in SSHS history. The first place prize is a pizza party and second place is a breakfast party!

But let's not forget the many other incredible entries that adorned our halls, each one contributing to the welcoming and culturally vibrant atmosphere of our school. 💛💙

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped spread the spirit of inclusion and appreciation for Black history! 🙌

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