firefighter visiting Dubois Elementary

Tuesday was an extraordinary day at Dubois Elementary as they hosted Springfield Fire Department as part of our Black History Month celebrations! 🚒🎉 All month long, Dubois is honoring our African American first responders.

Our students were greeted with excitement and enthusiasm as they learned about fire safety, the crucial role of smoke alarms, and even had the thrilling opportunity to climb aboard a real fire truck! 🔥🚨

We are incredibly grateful for the brave men and women of the Springfield Illinois Fire Departmentwho work tirelessly to keep our community safe. Today, they not only shared their knowledge but also inspired our students by discussing their career accomplishments and offering insights into how to pursue a career as a firefighter. 🌟

Each grade level had the privilege of participating in this enlightening presentation, making it a truly memorable and educational experience for all. Thank you to the Springfield Fire Department for your dedication and for making a positive impact on the lives of our students!